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Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century

The National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Democracy is a multi-disciplinary research program launched by the Swiss National Science Foundation in 2005. The program examines the key challenges to democracy today and traces them to two major trends: globalization and the growing influence of the media on politics.

The NCCR’s basic research questions are: How are established democracies changing under the conditions of globalization and the mediatization of politics? And how can democracy be promoted horizontally (to non-democratic countries) and vertically (to supra-national regimes like the EU, the WTO, etc)? More

News & Events

Networks under scrutiny at the “Swiss Youth in Science” study week
For the fifth time, NCCR Democracy offered young people between 16 and 20 the opportunity to work on a research project during the annual study week on the social sciences organized by Swiss Youth in Science. Read More... More
New NCCR book: "Mediatization of Politics - Understanding the Transformation of Western Democracies"
First book-long analysis on the changing relationship between media and politics in recent decades. Order now and save up to 25%! Read More... More
Visual Reader "Democracy: An Ongoing Challenge"
Democracy: An Ongoing Challenge uses powerful images to complement its texts on the history and development of democracy. It also offers insights into contemporary debates on current challenges and new approaches to democracy. Read More... More
“Democracy in the age of globalization and mediatization”: a synthesis of the main results in the first research phase
Since 2005, political science and communications science scholars have been working together in the NCCR Democracy to understand which challenges and new opportunities globalization and “mediatization”, the growing role of the media in politics, present for democracy. Six of these scholars have joined forces to publish a book that presents the main results of the NCCR's first research phase (2005-2009). Read More... More
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