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Populist attitudes (15 June)

Keywords: Populist attitudes, public opinion, voting behavior, personality and politics, ideology

Description: Are certain citizens inherently populist in their political outlook? If so, who are those people? What is their demographic profile, what is their personality, what political views do they hold, and how do they relate to democratic politics? With the rise of populism around the globe, these questions are receiving a great deal of attention, both in the mass media and among scholars. To answer those questions, we need measures of populist attitudes. With those measures, we can then start looking at levels of populism in different countries as well as the correlates of populism. In the workshop populist attitudes, we are interested in the measurement aspect of populism. However, we also want to explore the correlates and effects of populist attitudes so that we can begin to understand why and how populist ideas resonate in mass publics.

Target group: PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and advanced Master students engaging in empirical research on populist attitudes, the correlates of populism in mass publics, and the consequences of populism for voting behaviour and public opinion.

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