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Populist media (14 June)

Keywords: Media populism, media effects, mediatization, social media, populist news, populist attitudes

Description: This workshop focuses on the independent role of the media in the dissemination of populist discourse. A first part is devoted to media populism and addresses questions such as: What are favorable opportunity structures for populist politicians and populist citizens to inject their messages into media discourse? In what ways do traditional media and social media contribute to the spread of populism, and how shall we define media(ted) populism? What are distinct ideational elements and distinct stylistic elements in mediated populism? What are characteristic differences across media types, media platforms and national contexts? A second part is devoted to media effects and addresses questions such as: What are the effects of populist media content? Why are populist ideas so persuasive and for whom are they persuasive? What is the role of social identity, selective exposure and attitudinal congruence in the effects of populism? The workshop aims to contribute to a better theoretical understanding of the relevant concepts and underlying processes, and to further our empirical knowledge about the relationship between populism and the media – preferably with a wider geographical scope.

Target group: PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and advanced Master students who are working on populism from a political communication perspective.

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