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Populist communication (13 June)

Keywords: Populism, populist communication, populist attitudes, communication styles

Description: This workshop focuses on populist communication strategies and their importance for populist success. Two aspects are of major concern: First, how populist actors communicate. Second, who this communication appeals to. With regard to the prior focus, participants will learn about the content of populist messages. Especially the role of ‘the people’, ‘the elite’ and the ‘evil others’ in the actors’ speech acts will be central. While discussing examples of populist communication, both similarities and differences between countries (cultural, social, economic, and political background) will be traced. In the second part of the workshop, the focus lies on the audience, the recipients of populist messages. In recent years, populist success increased in numerous countries and it is of interest what motivates people to vote for them. Citizen support for populist attitudes will be investigated and explained by referring to current examples. Besides theoretical input stemming from both communication and political science literature, the participants will learn about ways of measuring populist content as well as attitudes among supporters of populism.

Target group: PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and advanced Master students working on populist communication and populist attitudes.

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