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Judging Candidates in E-Democracy: Implications of Smartvote, Profile and Ratings from a Legal Perspective (IP 16a)

Smartvote (www.smartvote.ch), Profile and Ratings are candidate evalution tools designed to help voters identify candidates’ positions on various issues. It is expected that they will have a significant impact on political opinion formation, and therefore on electoral results. Project 16a addresses the constitutional problems and opportunities that candidate evaluation raises in e-democracies in particular, and provides an early analysis of the risks and potential involved.

Research results have been published in:

Bernhard Rütsche, Elektronische Wahlhilfen in der Demokratie (On-line voting assistance tools and democracy), Bibliothek zur Zeitschrift für Schweizerisches Recht, Beiheft 47, Verlag Helbing & Lichtenhahn, Basel 2008.

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Project leaders:
Prof. Andreas Lienhard, University of Bern
Prof. Pierre Tschannen, University of Bern

Project member:
Dr. iur. Bernhard Rütsche, University of Bern


Knowledge transfer products

Visual Reader "Democracy: an ongoing challenge"

Educational game "Ja-Nein-Vielleicht" based on the Visual Reader

Civic education app "Aushändeln - Das Demokratiespiel" on Swiss political processes and institutions.

Role play "Politik.Macht.Gesetz" for the simulation of the legislative process in Switzerland

Online learning tool Politikzyklus designed for civic education at Secondary Level I in Switzerland.

Website www.politiklernen.ch providing e-learning tools and teacher manuals for civic education lessons in Swiss secondary schools.

Democracy Barometer

Educational game "We the people. Demokratie spielend gestalten" for teaching at universities