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Civic education: Democracy under the influence of globalization and mediatization

In a globalized and modernized society, political issues and contexts become increasingly complex and complicated. Young students in particular have difficulties in understanding political processes. In order to prevent them from turning away from politics, they need learning tools that help to spark their political interest and engagement.

In the NCCR Democracy Phase I, the civic education project developed the online learning tool Politikzyklus designed for civic education at Secondary Level I in Switzerland. The novelty of Politikzyklus is that it illustrates and explains the policy cycle, a well-known concept in political science, in order to show how political problems are solved and to reinforce the interest of young people in politics.

In Phase II, the project developed the website www.politiklernen.ch on the basis of the NCCR Democracy research results. The website provides e-learning tools and teacher manuals for civic education lessons in Swiss secondary schools. Civic education at this level is currently in a development phase and lacks teaching aids. The teaching units are enriched with already existing e-learning tools such as Democracy barometer, Parteienkompass and Politikzyklus.

In Phase III, the project published two educational games for classroom use:Aushändeln - Das Demokratiespiel" is an electronic app on processes and institutions in the Swiss political system. "Ja-Nein-Vielleicht" is designed to foster the civic competencies of young people and to help them to develop a broad picture of the concept of democracy.

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Team "Civic education"

Project leader:

Prof. Dr. Béatrice Ziegler, School for Teacher Education FHNW

Alexander Lötscher, School for Teacher Education FHNW
Claudia Schneider, School for Teacher Education FHNW