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Democratic processes and political behavior (IP18)

In order to support teaching in political science at Swiss universities, the project has developed an e-learning course on the Swiss political system. This new, completely bilingual (German/French) teaching unit focuses on students at bachelor level and integrates theory, case studies and exercises using real world data on democratic decision-making processes in Switzerland. After two successful tests in summer 2007 at the Universities of Zurich and Geneva, the course is now ready to be integrated into the curriculum of various universities.

The course is available on the OLAT e-learning platform (www.olat.uzh.ch), which is the strategic e-learning-environment of the University of Zurich, but it will be accessible for students and teachers of all partner-universities.

The project is part of the Swiss Federal Program “Swiss Virtual Campus” (SVC) that promotes Internet-supported learning at university level.

More information on the project:

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Project leader:
Dr. Michael Hermann, University of Zurich

Supervisory Board:
Prof. Simon Hug, University of Geneva
Prof. Hanspeter Kriesi, University of Zurich
Prof. Daniel Kübler, University of Zurich
Prof. Andreas Ladner, IDHEAP Lausanne
Prof. Wolf Linder, University of Bern
Prof. Yannis Papadopoulos, University of Lausanne
Prof. Pascal Sciarini, University of Geneva


Knowledge transfer products

Visual Reader "Democracy: an ongoing challenge"

Educational game "Ja-Nein-Vielleicht" based on the Visual Reader

Civic education app "Aushändeln - Das Demokratiespiel" on Swiss political processes and institutions.

Role play "Politik.Macht.Gesetz" for the simulation of the legislative process in Switzerland

Online learning tool Politikzyklus designed for civic education at Secondary Level I in Switzerland.

Website www.politiklernen.ch providing e-learning tools and teacher manuals for civic education lessons in Swiss secondary schools.

Democracy Barometer

Educational game "We the people. Demokratie spielend gestalten" for teaching at universities