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Media performance for democracy – media and democracy monitor (IP 19)

The mass media are one corner stone of modern democracies; and the better they serve the needs of democracy, the better democracy works. The mass media, however, act according to their own imperatives and rules, which are not necessarily democratic. It is therefore essential to ask what the mass media actually contribute to the functioning of democracy, and where they fail to meet expectations.

The aim of this project is to develop an instrument to monitor mass media performance in relation to democracy. This media and democracy monitor will identify the most relevant requirements for the functioning of democracy with regard to structural conditions for the mass media, their organizational framework, and media output and consumption patterns. As democracies and their requirements for mass media services vary from country to country, an international comparison will be carried out to understand the relationship between the mass media landscape and the state of democracy.

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Project leader:
Dr. Josef Trappel, University of Zurich

Tanja Maniglio, University of Zurich


Knowledge transfer products

Visual Reader "Democracy: an ongoing challenge"

Educational game "Ja-Nein-Vielleicht" based on the Visual Reader

Civic education app "Aushändeln - Das Demokratiespiel" on Swiss political processes and institutions.

Role play "Politik.Macht.Gesetz" for the simulation of the legislative process in Switzerland

Online learning tool Politikzyklus designed for civic education at Secondary Level I in Switzerland.

Website www.politiklernen.ch providing e-learning tools and teacher manuals for civic education lessons in Swiss secondary schools.

Democracy Barometer

Educational game "We the people. Demokratie spielend gestalten" for teaching at universities