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Narrative Space

Scientists are generally expected to transfer their knowledge into society in order to legitimate their research and the public funding they receive. Journalists play an important role in disseminating research. For a successful interaction between them and scientists, the establishment of networks, trust and common understanding are crucial factors. But how can this be achieved? This is one of the core questions the project “Narrative Space” is dealing with. 

The project's aim is to promote successful knowledge transfer of NCCR research into society by organizing and mediating joint meetings with NCCR researchers and journalists. The project team applies methods of narration in order to help participants to develop a mutual understanding and common story lines concerning the subject of the research projects.
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Project leader:
Prof. Vinzenz Wyss, Zurich University of Applied Science Winterthur

Project member:
Michael Schanne, Zurich University of Applied Science Winterthur