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Knowledge Transfer Award 2006

April 2007: The first NCCR Democracy Knowledge Transfer Award 2006 was given to Jan Fivaz and Stefani Gerber of the University of Bern for their project “Parteienkompass” (party compass). The award is conferred annually and recognizes special achievements in transferring knowledge gathered in NCCR research into society.
“Parteienkompass” (www.parteienkompass.ch/) is a website for 16-20 old students which offers an introduction to the Swiss political system. It consists of a tool that enables to match the political preferences of Swiss political parties and of the students. Students can fill in a questionnaire which covers the main political issues (such as migration policy, foreign and social policy, or questions on taxation or on nuclear power plants) and receive, in a second step, a “voting recommendation” in form of a list which ranks political parties according to the student’s political preferences.
Jan Fivaz is a historian at the University of Bern and a doctoral student within the smartvote project (IP 16) of the NCCR Democracy. Stefani Gerber is a computer scientist at the University of Bern and also collaborates in the smartvote project.
The Parteienkompass was recognized as an outstanding project aimed at a non-academic target group and carried out in addition to the smartvote project. The Knowledge Transfer Award amounts to CHF 4’000 and was presented at the NCCR General Assembly Meeting on 13 April.
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