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First evaluation of NCCR Democracy by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

September 2006: The first annual site visit took place with the purpose of evaluating the first year’s work and of giving recommendations and advice on the future development of the research program.
The two-day site visit was conducted by the SNSF Review Panel, consisting of distinguished political scientists and communication scientists: Wolf Linder (University of Bern), Arthur Benz (FernUniversität Hagen), Dietmar Braun (University of Lausanne), Yves Mény (European University Institute Florence), Paul Messerli (University of Bern), Robert Entman (George Washington University), Adrienne Héritier (European University Institute Florence), Max Kaase (International University Bremen), Adrian Leftwich (University of York), and Gianpietro Mazzoleni (University of Milan).
In its final report, the Review Panel referred to NCCR Democracy as an “important undertaking with a very ambitious research program”, emphasizing that its combination of political science and communication science “is most appropriate to address the fundamental challenges to democracy”. The Panel encouraged NCCR researchers to strengthen the links between their individual projects. Further disciplinary and scientific integration therefore continues to be an important task in the second year, and the results of these efforts will be assessed again at the next site visit taking place in September 2007.
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