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Two projects win Knowledge Transfer Award 2016

In 2016, the NCCR Democracy Knowledge Transfer Award was conferred twice: PhD students Alice el-Wakil, Lea Heyne and Lukas Peter received the prize for their public event series “Democracy: bridging facts and norms” and PhD student Luca Manucci for his blog "Political Observer of Populism."
Two projects win Knowledge Transfer Award 2016

Lukas Peter, Alice el-Wakil, Lea Heyne and Luca Manucci

In order to foster and reward efforts of transferring research knowledge into society and of contributing to public discourse on democracy, the NCCR Democracy annually confers an award. In 2016, two projects received this award together with a cash prize of CHF 4'000 each:

The first project was a public event series on "Democracy: bridging facts and norms" organized by PhD students Alice el-Wakil, Lea Heyne and Lukas Peter from DemocracyNet.eu - a network launched by young NCCR researchers in 2012 to promote democratic citizenship in Europe. The aim of the public event series was to expand knowledge and to inspire a debate about democracy-related issues. All together, the four public events gathered about 1'000 people.

The second project that received an award is the blog "Political Observer of Populism" started in February 2015 by PhD student Luca Manucci. The aim of the blog is to provide a forum of discussions, ideas, stories and news about populist movements in Europe and beyond. The blog features interviews with populism experts, journalists and politicians.

The KTA 2016 was conferred to the winners at the NCCR Democracy annual conference in Thun in November 2016. NCCR Democracy congratulates the winners and looks forward to more transfer activities in 2017!

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