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“Democracy in the age of globalization and mediatization”: a synthesis of the main results in the first research phase

Since 2005, political science and communications science scholars have been working together in the NCCR Democracy to understand which challenges and new opportunities globalization and “mediatization”, the growing role of the media in politics, present for democracy. Six of these scholars have joined forces to publish a book that presents the main results of the NCCR's first research phase (2005-2009).

Kriesi, Hanspeter; Daniel Bochsler; Jörg Matthes; Sandra Lavenex; Marc Bühlmann and Frank Esser: Democracy in the age of globalization and mediatization. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, 264 pages.

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The book provides a comprehensive overview over the models of contemporary democracy, its social, cultural, economic, and political prerequisites and existing varieties. It examines the transformation of democracy today as national political communities increasingly dissolve and, in addition, democratic systems confront the increasingly powerful role of the media in politics. Furthermore, it covers the global spread of democracy to areas and institutions in which democratic governance has thus far been absent or has had only a very tenuous hold. In this way, it confronts the perpetually unsatisfactory quest to make “real, existing democracy” conform better to “potentially ideal democracy”.

“Democracy in the age of globalization and mediatization” is an important contribution to the literature on the – assumed – crisis of democracy. It will be of interest to the research community, practitioners and policy makers, media, and informed readers.

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