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NCCR Newsletter April 2014

Download the latest issue of the NCCR Newsletter presenting an overview of the research results of the NCCR's second phase (2009-2013).

Download NCCR Newsletter No.12, April 2014

In this issue:

  • Taking stock of the NCCR Democracy's achievements as it enters its final phase
  • Democratizing multinational political systems
  • Democratic governance in the age of globalization
  • Mediatization - implications for politics, news media, and the public
  • Public debates as an instrument of political participation
  • Ways of analyzing and improving the quality of democracy
  • Visual Reader "Democracy: An Ongoing Challenge"
  • Research projects of the third phase (2013-2017)
  • NCCR Democracy Alumni: Tina Freyburg and Lisa Müller
  • Swiss Summer School in Democracy Studies launched
  • New NCCR publications

For a free subscription, please send an email with your name and postal address or email address to infodesk@nccr-democracy.uzh.ch.

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