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Media and democracy—public sphere up for sale?

Public panel discussion "Medien und Demokratie - Öffentlichkeit zum Verkauf?" with Gabriele Siegert, Roger de Weck, Christof Moser, Felix E. Müller und Pascale Bruderer on video.

Video of panel discussion

Can democracy in the 21st century still count on the fourth power—that is, on the media? What future does quality political journalism have? New forms of media consumption deprive traditional carriers of quality political journalism of their economic fundamentals: they lose their audiences and advertising revenues.

How can quality political journalism be financed in the new media world and how does it reach its audience? Is the political public sphere of the 21st century in the hands of economic and political interest groups, or is it financed by taxpayers’ money and thus at the mercy of public benevolence? And can the fourth power, in its new guise, still fulfill its function as watchdog in democracies?


  • Roger de Weck, SRG SSR
  • Christof Moser, Republik/Project R
  • Dr. Felix E. Müller, NZZ am Sonntag
  • Prof. Gabriele Siegert, University of Zurich
  • Moderation: Pascale Bruderer Wyss, Councillor of State for the Canton of Aargau


The public panel discussion ws part of the series "Globalization, Mediatization and Populism: Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century" to mark the conclusion of the NCCR Democracy research program.

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