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Der Reiz des Populismus (The appeal of populism)

Politics workshop (in German) with experts from the NCCR Democracy. Tuesday, 11 April 2017, 19:30h. Zentrum Karl der Grosse, Kirchgasse 14, Zürich.
Der Reiz des Populismus (The appeal of populism)

Zentrum Karl der Grosse, Zurich

Populist ideology is based on the idea of a society in which the elite rules but disrespects the will of the people. In this view, populism perceives itself as a means of demolishing the encrusted structures of the system and of restoring power to the people. With this promise, populist parties are currently entering parliaments and governments in all Western countries and gathering more and more voters behind them. However, assessments of whether elites really have lost touch with citizens differ across public debate, scientific debate, and political debate.

Experts from the NCCR Democracy have been analyzing the phenomenon of populism for several years. In a full evening’s workshop program they will discuss, together with the audience, the role of populism in today’s society.

19:30: Introduction, followed by three parallel workshops—
Workshop 1: Left-wing and right-wing populism in Switzerland
Workshop 2: #Populism—Politics on social media
Workshop 3: Emotional responses—the effect of populist communication

Language: German

The detailed program and registration are available at karldergrosse.ch. Please state which one of the three workshops you wish to participate in.

No entrance fee.

Organized in collaboration with Zentrum Karl der Grosse Zurich.

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