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Peer mentoring group PhD+

Peer mentoring is a program to advance young researchers and scientists in their academic environment as well as in their personal development. Such support is especially important for young women, who continue to be underrepresented in executive positions, in academia as much as in industry. NCCR Democracy, with support from the Swiss National Science Foundation, therefore is committed to support female academics in particular.

With financial help from the NCCR, eleven Ph.D. students and one post-doctoral researcher thus formed the new peer group PhD+ in February 2010, following the success of its antecessor, Stepping Stone.


The group was active until 2013. PhD+ assisted its members in building their careers. It provided an opportunity for the peers to continue on their career paths, obtain targeted further training, and extend their personal and scientific networks. To that end, the group met regularly to exchange ideas, information, and experiences,and networks with senior colleagues and peers outside the group. It also organized specific workshops and other events to obtain the skills and qualifications necessary to successfully master their early academic careers.

Apart from meetings in an informal setting, the group also organized a methods refresher course (also open to our male NCCR colleagues), a time management online course "Zeit und Ziele für WissenschaftlerInnen" (with Caroline Cornelius, caro-online) and a career coaching workshop (with Sarah Shephard, Didaktikzentrum ETH Zurich).

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