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The empirical assessment of agency accountability: a regime approach and an application to the German Bundesnetzagentur

Regulation has in many cases been delegated to independent agencies, which has led to the question of how democratic accountability of these agencies is ensured. There are few empirical approaches to agency accountability. We offer such an approach, resting upon three propositions. First, we scrutinize agency accountability both de jure (accountability is ensured by formal rights of accountability ‘fora’ to receive information and impose consequences) and de facto (the capability of fora to use these rights depends on resources and decision costs that affect the credibility of their sanctioning capacity). Second, accountability must be evaluated separately at political, operational and managerial levels. And third, at each level accountability is enacted by a system of several (partially) interdependent fora, forming together an accountability regime. The proposed framework is applied to the case of the German Bundesnetzagentur's accountability regime, which shows its suitability for empirical purposes.

Project Number IP 5 (Phase II): Internationalization, mediatization, and the accountability of regulatory agencies
Author(s) Biela, Jan & Yannis Papadopoulos
Series/Publication International Review of Administrative Sciences 80(2)
Year 2014
Pages 362-381
URL http://ras.sagepub.com/content/80/2/362
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