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Rosteck, Yvonne: 

Comment la mondialisation et la médiatisation ont changé la démocratie

, 2018
Rosteck, Yvonne: 

Wie Globalisierung und Mediatisierung die Demokratie verändern

, 2018
Bochsler, Daniel & Miriam Hänni: 

The three stages of the anti‐incumbency vote: Retrospective economic voting in young and established democracies

, 2018
Kübler, Daniel & Christopher Goodman: 

Newspaper markets and municipal politics: how audience and congruence increase turnout in local elections

, 2018
Kübler, Daniel & Philipp E. Rochat: 

Fragmented governance and spatial equity in metropolitan areas: The role of intergovernmental cooperation and revenue-sharing

, 2018
Wirz, Dominique S.: 

Persuasion through emotion? An experimental test of the emotion-eliciting nature of populist communication

, 2018
Müller, Philipp; Christian Schemer; Martin Wettstein; Anne Schulz; Dominique S. Wirz; Sven Engesser & Werner Wirth: 

The polarizing impact of news coverage on populist attitudes in the public: evidence from a panel study in four European democracies

, 2017
Bernhard, Laurent: 

Three faces of populism in current Switzerland: Comparing the populist communication of the Swiss People's Party, the Ticino League, and the Geneva Citizens’ Movement

, 2017
Huber, Robert A. & Saskia P. Ruth: 

Mind the gap! Populism, participation and representation in Europe

, 2017
Manucci, Luca & Michi Amsler: 

Where the wind blows: Five Star Movement’s populism, direct democracy and ideological flexibility

, 2018
Müller, Philipp & Nora Denner: 

Was tun gegen „Fake News“? Entstehungsbedingungen und Wirkweisen gezielter Falschmeldungen

, 2017
Ruth, Saskia & Kirk A. Hawkins: 

Populism and democratic representation in Latin America

, 2017
Ruth, Saskia: 

Populism and the erosion of horizontal accountability in Latin America

, 2017
Manucci, Luca: 

Populism and the media

, 2017
Papadopoulos, Yannis: 

Multilevel governance and depoliticization

, 2017
Bochsler, Daniel & Miriam Hänni: 

What democracy do we want? The problematic focus on the median voter

, 2017
Wettstein, Martin & Werner Wirth: 

Media effects: How media influence voters

, 2017
Ernst, Nicole; Sven Engesser & Frank Esser: 

Bipolar populism? The use of anti-elitism and people-centrism by Swiss parties on social media

, 2017
Freyburg,Tina; Sandra Lavenex & Frank Schimmelfennig: 

Just an illusion? Democratization in the international realm

, 2017
Kübler, Daniel & Hanspeter Kriesi: 

How globalisation and mediatisation challenge our democracies

, 2017
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