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New Publications

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Kübler, Daniel & Hanspeter Kriesi: 

How globalisation and mediatisation challenge our democracies

, 2017
Hänni, Miriam: 

Responsiveness – to whom? Why the primacy of the median voter alienates minorities

, 2017
Manucci, Luca & Edward Weber: 

Why the big picture matters: Political and media populism in western Europe since the 1970s

, 2017
Papadopoulos, Yannis: 

How does knowledge circulate in a regulatory network? Observing a European Platform of Regulatory Authorities meeting

, 2017
Wyss, Dominik & Simon Beste: 

Artificial facilitation: Promoting collective reasoning within asynchronous discussions

, 2017
Ruth, Saskia; Yanina Welp & Laurence Whitehead: 

Let the people rule? Direct democracy in the twenty-first century

, 2017
Strömbäck, Jesper & Frank Esser: 

Political public relations and mediatization: the strategies of news management

, 2017
Dalmus, Caroline; Regula Hänggli & Laurent Bernhard: 

The charm of salient issues? Parties’ strategic behavior in press releases

, 2017
Schulz, Anne et al.: 

Measuring populist attitudes on three dimensions

, 2017
Winzen, Thomas: 

Constitutional preferences and parliamentary reform. Explaining national parliaments' adaptation to European integration

, 2017
Böhmelt, Tobias & Tina Freyburg: 

Forecasting candidate states’ compliance with EU accession rules, 2017–2050

, 2017
Bochsler, Daniel: 

The strategic effect of the plurality vote at the district level

, 2017
Ernst, Nicole et al.: 

Extreme parties and populism: an analysis of Facebook and Twitter across six countries

, 2017
Engesser, Sven; Nayla Fawzi & Anders Olof Larsson: 

Populist online communication: introduction to the special issue

, 2017
Bächtiger, André & Simon Beste: 

Deliberative citizens, (non)deliberative politicians: a rejoinder

, 2017
Sellers, J.M.; Arretche, M.; Kübler, Daniel & Razin, E.: 

Inequality and governance in the metropolis: Place equality regimes and fiscal choices in eleven countries

, 2017
Kübler, Daniel: 

"Tamed tieboutianism" and spatial inequalities in Swiss metropolitan areas

, 2017
Strebel, Michael: 

Incented voluntary municipal mergers as a two-stage process: Incented Voluntary Municipal Mergers as a Two-Stage Process: evidence from the Swiss Canton of Fribourg

, 2016
Fischer, Manuel & Martino Maggetti: 

Qualitative comparative analysis and the study of policy processes

, 2017
Lavenex, Sandra: 

On the fringes of the European peace project: The neighbourhood policy’s functionalist hubris and political myopia

, 2017
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