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New Publications

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Maggetti, Martino; Christian Ewert & Philipp Trein: 

Not quite the same. Regulatory intermediaries in the governance of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

, 2017
Esser, Frank & Barbara Pfetsch: 

Comparing political communication

, 2017
Lindell, Marina; André Bächtiger; Kimmo Grönlund et al.: 

What drives the polarisation and moderation of opinions? Evidence from a Finnish citizen deliberation experiment on immigration

, 2017
Caramani, Daniele: 

Will vs. reason: The populist and technocratic forms of political representation and their critique to party government

, 2017
Strijbis, Oliver; Sveinung Arnesen & Laurent Bernhard: 

Using prediction market data for measuring the expected closeness in electoral research

, 2016
Giebler, Heiko & Wolfgang Merkel: 

Freedom and equality in democracies: Is there a trade-off?

, 2016
Papadopoulos, Yannis: 

Interactive governance: authorisation, representation, and accountability

, 2016
Papadopoulos, Yannis: 


, 2016
Maggetti, Martino & Yannis Papadopoulos: 

The principal–agent framework and independent regulatory agencies

, 2016
Gerber, Marlène; André Bächtiger; Susumu Shikano; Simon Reber & Samuel Rohr: 

Deliberative abilities and influence in a transnational deliberative poll (EuroPolis)

, 2016
Bächtiger, André: 

Warum die Schweiz mehr Deliberation gut brauchen könnte. Ein Plädoyer

, 2016
Kriesi, Hanspeter: 

Der Zustand der schweizerischen Demokratie. Fakten und Probleme aus der Sicht der Politikwissenschaft

, 2016
Merkel, Wolfgang: 

Ist die Krise der Demokratie eine Erfindung?

, 2016
Lötscher, Alexander; Claudia Schneider & Béatrice Ziegler (eds.): 

Reader Was soll Politische Bildung? Elf Konzeptionen von 1799 bis heute

, 2016
Beauvais, Edana & André Bächtiger: 

Taking the goals of deliberation seriously: a differentiated view on equality and equity in deliberative designs and processes

, 2016
Vliegenthart, Rens et al.: 

The media as a dual mediator of the political agenda–setting effect of protest. A longitudinal study in six Western European countries

, 2016
Beste, Simon: 

‘Legislative frame representation’: towards an empirical account of the deliberative systems approach

, 2016
Bernauer, Thomas; Steffen Mohrenberg & Vally Koubi: 

How relevant are input and output legitimacy in international environmental governance?, NCCR Workingpaper No. 94

Merkel, Wolfgang & Jean-Paul Gagnon: 

Democracies and their crises reconsidered

, 2016
Merkel, Wolfgang: 

The challenge of capitalism to democracy

, 2016
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