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New Publications

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Bernhard, Laurent: 

The 2015 Swiss federal elections: the radical right strikes back

, 2016
Bormann, Nils-Christian & Thomas Winzen: 

The contingent diffusion of parliamentary oversight institutions in the European Union

, 2016
Engesser, Sven; Nicole Ernst; Frank Esser & Florin Büchel: 

Populism and social media: how politicians spread a fragmented ideology

, 2016
Esser, Frank; Agnieszka Stępińska & David Nicolas Hopmann: 

Populism and the media: cross-national findings and perspectives

, 2016
Reinemann, Carsten; Toril Aalberg; Frank Esser; Jesper Strömbäck & Claes H. de Vreese: 

Populist political communication: towards a model of its causes, forms, and effects

, 2016
Ernst, Nicole; Sven Engesser & Frank Esser: 

Switzerland: favourable conditions for growing populism

, 2016
Merkel, Wolfgang: 

Ist die Krise der Demokratie eine Erfindung?

, 2016
Hänni, Miriam: 

Presence, representation and impact: how minority MPs affect policy outcomes

, 2016
Ewert, Christian & Martino Maggetti: 

Regulating side by side: The role of hybrid organisations in transnational environmental sustainability

, 2016
Bernhard, Laurent: 

Left or Right? Populist communication of political parties in recent Western European elections, NCCR Workingpaper No. 92

Mohrenberg, Steffen; Vally Koubi & Thomas Bernauer: 

Ratification of multilateral environmental agreements: Civil society access and financial mechanisms, NCCR Workingpaper No. 91

Papadopoulos, Yannis: 

Guiding principles for the assessment of the democratic anchorage of transnational multi-stakeholder initiatives, NCCR Workingpaper No. 90

Spilker, Gabriele & Vally Koubi: 

The effects of treaty legality and domestic institutional hurdles on environmental treaty ratification

, 2016
Bochsler, Daniel & Basil Schläpfer: 

The normative trap in ethnopolitical research

, 2016
Bochsler, Daniel & Basil Schläpfer: 

An indirect approach to map ethnic identities in post-conflict societies

, 2016
Esser, Frank & Barbara Pfetsch: 

Comparing political communication: an update, NCCR Workingpaper No. 89

Baume, Sandrine & Yannis Papadopoulos: 

Transparency: from Bentham’s inventory of virtuous effects to contemporary evidence-based scepticism

, 2015
Wirth, Werner et al.: 

The appeal of populist ideas, strategies and styles: A theoretical model and research design for analyzing populist political communication, NCCR Workingpaper No. 88

Wirth, Werner; Christian Schemer; Anne Schulz; Martin Wettstein; Dominique S. Wirz & Philipp Müller: 

A multi-dimensional measure to assess populist attitudes in the public in eight languages, NCCR Workingpaper No. 87

Böhmelt, Tobias & Gabriele Spilker: 

The interaction of international institutions from a social network perspective

, 2016
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