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IP 9 (Phase II): The mediatization of political decision-making

The media exert a growing influence on the political agenda and political actors face a growing need to adapt to the requirements of the media to win public attention and support for their policy plans. This project studies the nature, extent and consequences of mediatization on political decision making focusing on two aspects:

  • The extent of the agenda-setting power of the media. It will investigate the relationships between media agenda and policy agenda in three countries with similar media and political systems (Switzerland, Belgium and Denmark).
  • The mediatization of political decision-making in Switzerland. It investigates how media coverage and media influence vary across specific decision making cases. By analyzing how decision making is depicted in the media, it will become clear to what extent media coverage is governed by a "media logic" or a "political logic". Finally, the project examines to what extent political actors and institutions adapt to media logic.
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Project leaders:
Prof. Pascal Sciarini, University of Geneva
Dr. Anke Tresch, University of Geneva

Doctoral student:
Nino Landerer, University of Geneva