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IP 11 (Phase II): Strategies of political actors

This project studies strategies of political actors in a public debate. It aims to find out how the different political actors in five countries (Germany, Italy, France, UK, Switzerland) try to influence the debate on the specific topic and what their impact is on public opinion. The project focuses on the following questions:

  • What kind of political actors (governments, parties, interest groups, business corporations, social movements, etc.) participate in and influence the debate in a country? Which sub-issues of the debate are salient? Are there sub-issues certain actors deliberately try to keep out of the debate? And what kind of positions do the actors take on these sub-issues?
  • What is the strategic repertoire of the actors participating in the debate?
  • Which actors under which conditions are able to influence the course of the debate and the public opinion?

Although strategies of political actors are an essential component in politics, their empirical assessment so far has been neglected in political science. By comparatively studying political strategies in a public debate across several countries, the project breaks new ground.

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Project leader:
Prof. Hanspeter Kriesi, European University Institute

Postdoctoral researcher:
Dr. Laurent Bernhard, University of Zurich
Dr. Regula Hänggli, University of Amsterdam

Doctoral student:
Flavia Fossati, University of Zurich