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IP 2 (Phase II): Designing "demoicracy" in Europe

The EU enjoys powers unparalleled by any other multinational polity: it makes authoritative rules and takes decisions that are binding, applicable and enforceable in its member states. At the same time, it does not have a single demos, there is no European "people": Only a small proportion of its citizens identify themselves primarily as "Europeans", and there is no single European public sphere. This contested and uncertain status of the demos is at the centre of the challenge of democratizing the EU.

This project starts from the assumption that a democratic EU must be a "demoicracy", in which the idea of democracy is reconciled with the persistence of multiple demoi. It seeks to explain and evaluate the design and workings of those EU institutions that can be seen as "demoicratic" prototypes and therefore to contribute to the study on institutional designs appropriate for a democratic EU.

Document Actions

Project leaders:
Prof. Francis Cheneval, University of Zurich
Prof. Sandra Lavenex, University of Lucerne
Prof. Frank Schimmelfennig, ETH Zurich

Doctoral students
Michael Buess, University of Lucerne 
Antoinette Scherz, University of Zurich
Rebecca Welge, ETH Zurich
Thomas Winzen, ETH Zurich