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IP 1 (Phase II): Conceptions of Europe - alternative demos conceptions in the EU

In the last two decades, the process of European integration has accelerated, however; a European identity is growing only slowly among the citizens of the EU. This project assesses the conflicts between different conceptions of European identity ("images of Europe"), conflicts over types of integration, and the consequences for the formation of democratic institutional structures.

The research is based on the premise that the identity of the EU is, first of all, constructed in mass-mediated public communication and that this process is conflict-laden. Not only are there different preferences from various actors but also the definition of a European identity faces the problem of the integration of national identities. The project therefore also addresses the influence of the growing media populism on the integration debates.

Document Actions

Project leaders:
Prof. Daniele Caramani, University of St. Gallen
Prof. Kurt Imhof, University of Zurich
Linards Udris, University of Zurich

Ph.D. student:
Valeria Camia, University of St. Gallen