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Research Phase I (2005-2009)

The first research phase of NCCR Democracy started in October 2005 and ended in September 2009. The research projects were organized in four modules and investigated the key challenges to democracy in the 21st century which can be traced to two major trends:
  • The processes of globalization, internationalization and European integration that undermine the problem-solving capacities and legitimacy of nation-states and of supranational political structures. (Module 1 and Module 2)
  • The growing interdependence between the media and politics (“mediatization of politics”) that has profoundly altered the character of public debate. (Module 3 and Module 4)
Module 1 focused on the challenges to democratisation, while the second module addressed the challenges to polititical decision-making in established democracies. The two remaining modules investigated the origins of the “mediatization of politics” and its implications for the political process.

List of completed research projects in Phase I:

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