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IP 20 (Phase I): From national to supra-national democracy in Europe

Description du projet en Français

European integration presents a challenge for democracy. It undermines participation, representation and accountability and the European Union’s democratic deficit, therefore, has become a central concern. The project contributes to understanding processes of spread of democracy from the nation-state to international and supra-national institutions, by analyzing whether there is a formation of a European-wide democratic electorate and party system in the EU.

The project examined whether or not and under what conditions national electorates and party systems in Europe converge, and how electoral behaviour, voter's attitudes and pary programs "europeanize". Integrated electorates and party systems are important for representation and accountability, as well as for the emergence of a strong civil society, and therefore as prerequisites for strengthening legitimacy and democracy in the EU.

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Project leader:
Prof. Daniele Caramani, University of St. Gallen

Ph.D. student:
Oliver Strijbis, University of St. Gallen