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IP 10 (Phase I): The dynamics of political institutions in mediated democracies: political bargaining and the transformation of the public sphere

The performance of Western democracies increasingly depends on the efficiency of their bargaining institutions. This project studies the mass media's impact on negotiating institutions, such as the Swiss Federal Council ("Bundesrat") and the German Coalition Committee ("Koalitionsausschuss"), and on the actual political success of negotiations.

Democratic institutions depend on the trust of the citizens in order to ensure system stability. The project also argues that the media influence whether or not political institutions and their work are being perceived as legitimate. To what extent does the publicly perceived legitimacy of democratic institutions suffer under the influence of media attention and scrutiny? Switzerland and Germany serve as case studies in order to explore the research questions.

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Project leader:
Prof. Frank Marcinkowski, University of Münster

Senior researcher:
Dr. Doreen Spörer-Wagner, University of Zurich

Doctoral student:
Daniela Floss, University of Zurich