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IP 9 (Phase I): Mediatization and structural change within political actors and organizations

The project explores the impact of the mass media on political organizations such as political parties. It examines how mediatization has changed organizational structures and challenges the organization in the execution of core democratic functions. Political actors and organizations depend on the mass media and its coverage to communicate with the general public, their voters and even with their members. They are confronted with the challenge of reaching these audiences through highly fragmented set of media channels. Thus, all political actors and organizations are subject to increasing pressure. They had to become much more responsive to changes in the media system.

Mediatization is a phenomenon common to the political system of almost all democratic countries, where it has taken different shapes and developed at different speeds. The overarching question of the project is thus: How do mediatization and its effects vary across different types of political actors and organizations, different levels of the democratic process and different countries?

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Otfried Jarren, Martina Vogel and Patrick Donges

Project leaders:
Prof. Otfried Jarren, University of Zurich
Prof. Patrick Donges, University of Zurich

Doctoral student:
Stephanie Schwab, University of Zurich
Martina Vogel, University of Zurich